No more waiting.First days of Harvest 2020 is here and as always I am going to tell everything you need to know about our premium EVOO. But first things first. And the most important part of our job is to thank you, because without you, every other work all over the year would have no purpose.

All the hard work we do through the year only aims only in one direction, reaching the highest quality EVOO. As we always tell you, the olive is the origin and what really matters. The pruning in order to get the fruit air and sun. The fertilizer, to increase the fruitiness. The irrigation which tries to get a correct relation between bone and pulp. Furthermore, this year, apart from avoiding the usage of herbicides and insecticides, we went a step further and stopped using fungicides. We got that by using an innovative treatment with ozone which helps us improve the health and quality of both tree and fruit. Not only did we choose the better farm available but also analyzed the olives within that farm and harvested those with the highest quality fruits. The specific date was October 17th and the chosen farm wasCASABLANCA. Anything you might need to know about the land you can find it in the link.

Green olives

We picked up 14780 olive kilograms to elaborate 1400 of EVOO. With an easy calc we can observe that there were needed over 10 kilograms of olives in order to obtain 1 kilo of our First days of Harvest. That is to say, approximately, 3000 olives. In this Youtube video you can check the temperature during the milling along with the oil obtained at the end of the process, hope you find it interesting.

And last but not least, the results from the laboratory analysis, which also includes a tasting profile. There you can check that our EVOO is perfectly clean. You know that we love to make everything as clear as possible. We can highlight, as always, the acidity, the famous parameter that almost anybody understands but everyone knows his existence. 0,1 in the case of our First days of Harvest, that is 8 times inferior to the maximum quantity allowed as you can see. Acidity catalogs the care when treating the fruit, the closer to zero, the better. We would love to highlight the fruitines 7,7. That is spectacular. You could argue that a 8 is not a really high grade, and I personally believe it deserves better, but those who know about tasting can tell you that a tasting panel hardly ever gives those marks in fruitiness. Finally, the aforementioned tasting profile says: Oil with a fresh and green intense fruitiness, with remarkable tones of green herb, green leaf, tomato plant and fig tree. In mouth it feels sweet and fluid, with spicy standing out over bitterness.

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