Getting the best possible olive oil is not just about the day you harvest it. In fact, it requires so much effort and dedication throughout the year. Later on I will link some videos of the jobs we do during the part of the year in which we are not harvesting. This time we harvested our premium EVOO on October 17th and 18th. In those two days we gathered 11963 kilograms for a resulting 1480 kilograms of our First Days of Harvest. As I explain every year, these data result in a 12% fat yield. That is to say: we needed 100 kilograms of fruit in order to get 12 kilograms of our exquisite EVOO. CASABLANCA was the farm chosen for it. As per usual, you only need to click on that link in order to know everything about our land of choice. Even though, this year, talking about choosing is just a way of talking since we had no choice left because of how low the harvest was. As you may know, on the menu you can find a section called “EVOO origen” where you can find our three farms. There you can find everything about them and if there is something else you want to know, feel free to ask.


We tend to talk about the place where we mill, about how clean it is, about keeping temperature low while milling and, in general, about our procedures in order to increase the quality of our product as much as possible. But this time we are going to comment the analysis. Mainly because I do not think you are able to check those anywhere else.


Here they are. The first part includes the basics. You can of course notice that they clearly below the maximums allowed for an extra virgin, which you can check in the ‘Valor límite’ section. Besides, you can take a look at the taste section and notice that our EVOO was given a 7 in fruity and, as expected, zero defect. Those two things combined are compulsory for being considered Extra Virgin. No defect in the lab analysis as well as an organoleptic test, in which no defect is allowed to be detected, neither in taste nor in smell. Besides, the oil needs to be marked above 0 in fruitiness. In our case, as I said, it was a 7 this time. Which is a remarkable grade in that regard by the way.

Afterwards, we can find a short but really important paragraph indicating that residues have no presence at all in our EVOO. That is another essential aspect of the analysis. I would take this opportunity to remind you that we are in transition to ecologic agriculture, which we will be able to certify in our next harvest. And finally, we would love to thank you all for your support. You make this possible. We are looking forward to hearing your opinions and tips.


You can click here if you want to know more about acidity,

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