Thank you all for giving us the opportunity of being here one more year. As always we are going to tell you everything about our new harvest of Olivar de Plata.

First things first. As you already know by now, it all starts in the farm. The caring of the trees is primordial in order to get an excellent fruit which results in a delicious EVOO. And how do we do that? If you follow our web or our Youtube channel you already know everything about our methods by now. No herbicides, using a vegetation cover to take care of the ground and to avoid erosion. Traps instead of insecticides. Taking advantage of every single drop of water. Choosing the optimum moment to harvest. Here you can take a look at our harvesting method. With an upside down umbrella in order to avoid the problems that come with the traditional methods. Therefore we avoid people stepping over the fruit as well as the fruit being dragged over the floor, in contact with the ground. Overall a cleaner a careful method.

About the farm, as it is becoming usual, we harvested our Olivar de Plata from this FARM once again. Not only because of the size of the fruit but also because of the quality. In Spanish we tend to say that “the old hen gives the better broth, and as you can check in the link below, Pichilin is our oldest farm, along with all the details about it. The harvest took place between the 19th and 31th October. Maturation is closely related to the climate conditions and the climate change affects us in that regard, moving forward the cycle of the olive, therefore advancing the harvest time. Here you have some pictures of the olives so that you can see the status, maturity, size, health, everything.

Over these days we collected a total of 86672 kilograms of olives, resulting in 13725 kilos of olive oil, that means a yield of 15’83%. In other words, there were needed six and a half kilograms of olives to elaborate one kilo of our Olivar de Plata. As a curiosity, it is commonly said that you need around 300 olives for a kilogram, as average. That results in a total of two thousand olives in order to obtain a liter of our Olivar de Plata 2020, more or less.

To complete all the information abour our EVOO I bring you here the laboratory analysis, with the parameters of acidity, peroxides and some other important aspects. For instance, the qualification of Olivar de Plata as extra virgin, of course, the tasting mark and profile. And last but not least the multi-residue analysis mark which proves that we do not use pesticides at all.

Undoubtedly we must highlight how low the acidity is. However, you can clearly observe as well that every other parameter which indicate quality are way below the maximum accepted in order to be qualified as extra virgin. Of course we must clarify that for this parameters, which are residues, the lower the better. For instance, the esters, which are so in fashion nowadays, have given a result of 3 units while they are allowed to be up to 35 for a EVOO.

But for us, what follows is way more important. The tasting note that indicates the fruitiness, along with the fact that there exists no defect. Spicy and bitter feel harmonic. And even though it is an oil in veraison the tasting panel remarks the green notes. As you can see they define our Olivar de Plata as ‘aove verde y fresco, destacando los verdes hoja y hierba‘. (Green and fresh EVOO where leaf green and grass green stand out.) And last but not least the simple summary at the bottom of the page where they certify that none of the parameters exceed their limit.

It is our pleasure to finish this page by thanking you for your trust and encouraging you to talk about your experience to your friends and family or in our social media. We really hope you enjoy it.

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