Haza ‘La Vieja’

This plot is a part of a parent farm bought by our father in 1996. The original farm had around 24 hectares, from which our father bought about 6. The name ‘La Vieja’ simply means ‘The Old One’, and we do not know why, because the farmhouse to which the plot belonged has another name, and the area in which it is located is known as ‘Solana del Francés’, basically, solana is due to its orientation, facing the sun, and Francés because that is the name of the closest farmhouse.

Previously, the plot was a sowing land, although since its purchase our orientation was to dedicate it to olive groves. So that exact year we ourselves proceeded to frame it, a work destined to mark the point where each olive tree should be planted. In this case with rectangular measures of 8 by 7 meters. Which means that each olive tree on this farm occupies an area of ​​56 square meters. Later we opened the holes and planted the olive trees, with picual variety olive trees coming from misting. The plot belongs to the municipality of Sabiote, it has an area of ​​5.97 hectares and an average slope of 12.8%. It is located between 540 and 570 meters above sea level and its orientation is south-southwest. The soil of the plot is deep, fertile and clayey. It consists of 1070 olive trees of the Picual variety, although there are always some other varieties, specifically on this farm there are four or five Gordal olive trees and some other Frantoio olive trees, a variety of Italian origin.

The main features of any Extra Virgin Olive Oil are more often than not determined by the variety of the tree, so, in our case when the EVOO is harvested from this plot, it is the picual variety that sets the main guidelines for both odors and flavors. Although it is obvious that both the altitude of the same, as well as the orientation, in addition to our particular way of cultivating, add to our extra virgin other peculiarities. In this case, the extra virgin has a marked character and accentuated spicy and bitter tones, undoubtedly added by the weather of our area, with a thermal difference that can reach 50 ºC between summer and winter. The typical aromatic tones of this variety quickly appear on the scent, both memories of green grass, and reminiscences of wood, tomato and fig.

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